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I thought concrete was maintenance free?

It doesn't matter if you have a beautiful concrete colored patio or just a standard concrete driveway. Make sure you keep up with the maintenance of your concrete to keep it looking good and protected.

I hear it everyday when i tell people that they need to care for their concrete. " I have to seal this too!" "This is why i'm switching from asphalt to concrete so i don't have to deal with sealing!" and so on. Here's a couple reasons why you need to seal your concrete

  1. In WI we deal with the lovely winter. Unfortunately that means ice and snow build up. We immediately turn to salt to help with this issue. Salt attacks concrete and should not be used for at least for the first year. With sealer applied every fall this acts as a barrier for the concrete. Salt will still penetrate the surface even with sealer applied but it will take longer. I like to think of it like wax on your car. We wax the car and wash it to keep rust off right? Lets do the same with concrete :)

  2. It keeps the concrete looking good. Similar to the above statement if we keep up with the maintenance your product will look better and perform better.

  3. Its not that hard. Give your concrete a good washing. Let it dry and then apply with a sprayer in a nice light coat. Most driveways take only 15-30 mins to seal. Unlike your old asphalt driveway that is messy and can take up your whole day!

Here at D&M Concrete we use the best concrete driveway sealer in Madison WI. We apply the first coat after your concrete is finished. We recommend getting your concrete sealed every fall. We have a sister company that can seal your concrete for you or you can do it yourself

We specialize in Asphalt Removal and Concrete replacement. But we tackle anything from Driveways,Walkways,Patios and more.

Choose D&M Concrete your best concrete contractor in Madison WI !

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